Friday, February 25, 2011

The Miser

Yesterday, I posted another original on Etsy and I woke up this Morning to see that a very talented poet wrote a wonderful tale about it. The painting is titled, "The Miser". I am always excited when one of my paintings becomes an inspiration for another one's story. We ALL have different gifts and it's a joy to see when they're being used.
The original watercolor is available HERE

The Miserly Gnome

Mr. Gnome, why can't you see
It's bad to act so miserly
Have you a pain inside, so deep
Or, is it anger that you keep?

Count the blessings you possess
Others manage with much less
Nothing good can come from greed
This forest gives you all you need

Join us in our fairy ring
We'll eat and drink! We'll dance and sing!
A better time can not be had
You'll forget why you were sad!

Come witness the ferocity
Of fairy generosity
Do not fear a healthy start
And open up your vaulted-heart

You can only truly live
When you learn to freely give
For everything comes back to you
The way you really want it to

Okay! I'll try your strange advice
A fairy party might be nice...
When he finally acquiesced
He learned that he was truly blessed

He opened up, he laughed and cried
He found the feelings once denied
He danced a reel and sang with glee
He set his lonely spirit free

He saw the beauty of the land
Was more than gold he had on hand
No silver did he wish to own
But with Nature to atone.

Once returned to home-sweet-home
He thought it nice to be a gnome
From then on he always cared
And what he owned was gladly shared.
The Fairy Poet's work can be found HERE
Thank you, Theo!


Tammie Lee said...

my my my, that is really wonderful!
A perfect compliment to your wonderful art!

Sandi Smith said...

Theo captured your artwork beautifully.
Warmest Hugs,
Sandi @ Ess D'Ess Bears and Bearly Sane Studio

bengkia said...

Beautiful work and I really loved the poem. Thank you for sharing. :)

yaamas said...

Tammie, Sandi and Bengkia...thank you for your kind words. I'm so glad you liked both the poem and the painting.



Theo said...

Hi James,

Thanks for featuring my poem on your blog. I am thrilled to join your water-color and my story-poem together. More importantly, I am glad you feel it is a good representation of the picture. That's why I love art. There are infinite possibilities of interpretation! I look forward seeing more and more and more and more and more and more....


yaamas said...

Theo, thank you for sharing your gift and for writing such beautiful words.

Best wishes!