Friday, April 25, 2008

LADY DARBY ~ 1996-2008

Hello Everyone,

I wanted to share with you someone who was and is still so dear to our hearts. She was a wonderful companion of 12 years.....

she loved to cuddle,
she loved her treats,
she loved going on walks,
she loved to sleep,
she loved to watch her daddy paint,
she loved mommy when she returned home from work,
she loved us in a special way.
I can't help but feel God's love for us when I think of her.

We had to put our beautiful Lady Darby to sleep. We miss her so much. I spent all my days with her. But the Lord is so good. He brought us to the mountain top for five days and He gave us so much Grace. We are so thankful that we had 12 wonderful years with Darby and she was in no pain. I was dreading the day that she would have to go but my Lord gave me a revelation that brought me even closer to Himself, Darby was a means of His Grace and He will never forsake His children. He made her specially for us and He made her to extend His Love for us. We also know that Lady Darby is running around with her sister in the King's garden. Oh....there is Joy in suffering. Jesus is bigger in my heart.

May God shine His lovely face upon you all.

James and Nadine