Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Hello Everyone,

I hope that you are all doing well. It's been some time since I last wrote to you but I have been my enjoying time in the studio. I've been working on a book for some time now and some various commissions and every once in a while I've been able to squeeze out a painting or two. What a blessing it is to paint and what a pleasure it is to share these paintings with all of you. I have to thank God for this wonderful blessing. I only hope to continue to use the gift that He gave me and to use it for His purpose. I truly feel joy inside when these little images come to life and I hope that they bring a smile to your heart when you look upon them. God Bless, James

An afternoon stroll upon his towering walls,
this sophisticated chap well known for his falls,
will do nothing of the sort on this special day,
for it's High Tea with a his friend before he flies away.....

Well, I'm back to my Painting A Day paintings or at least I'll keep trying. This painting was created using watercolors on Arches hot press paper. It measures 5x7.