Thursday, June 17, 2010

Noah, the Gnome

I just couldn't wait any longer to create an image depicting our special little lad. Last night, I waited until everyone was in bed and I went out into the studio to do a picture of Noah as the gnome that he is. I created it using sepia colored pencil and gesso on sepia mat board. It measures 8x11 1/2 inches. I do have prints available HERE

 It was truly a joy to do a drawing of our little Noah and I'm sure there will be many more illustrations of him in the future. Today, I had another wonderful day with him. I've been trying to do more painting in the night hours because I seem to keep getting lost in those eyes of his during the day hours.

Be well everyone,


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Stick Figure #73

I haven't had too much time to paint lately so I thought that I would start creating stick figures again. This time around I created it using sepia color pencil and gesso on a sepia mat board. This original measures 5x7.

It is available if anyone is interested Stick Figure 73