Monday, June 11, 2007


I just returned from a wonderful art's festival in Buffalo where I met some great people. Nadine and I left on last friday and made a 6 1/2 hr trip in the heat and pouring rain (heavy downpours!), we arrived to the hotel and awoke to two beautiful cooler days with not a cloud in the sky.....and thousands of people came flooded the street for the show. I was hoping to get some painting done while doing the show but we were so busy. I've been doing shows for about 15 yrs now and I have to say that I never get tired of seeing the reaction of people who walk into the booth, sure I may get "hey look!, it's James Brown!, Hughhh!...I feeeeellll goood!, nananana!" but the smiles and the comments about the art itself is truly inspiring. I am very thankful for my gift and I know that I must use it the way God meant for me to use it. Yes, a smile on the face of one who views it....that's priceless.

Anyway, I did however, find time today to create a new painting and here it is, "TINY TUCKER" has come out tonight. The original is 5x7 and is available here

Good night for now my friends, James

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