Monday, June 25, 2007

RIDING RUBY and a wonderful weekend.

Today, I returned back to my studio after spending a wonderful weekend with our dear friend, Don. He is like a brother to me and he has really been helping me grow in the Lord. The Christian walk is truly a pilgrimage and I am forever greatful that I have a brother who has helped me when I've stumbled. Don is also the creater of the "Tales Now Told" stories, which can be found here

On another note, I have another painting to share with you and I really enjoyed painting this one. It is called, "Riding Ruby". Enjoy and God Bless! James

Hinkle was a wee little lad, who was so small it took him days to cross the flowered meadow. One day, while resting upon a leaf, a beautiful hummingbird hovered nearby. Little Hinkle noticed something very strange about this hummingbird. Around its neck was a golden collar with two bells hanging from it. Hinkle yelled out, "What is your name beautiful one with the bells?" When the hummingbird heard this, it drew nearer to him and said, "My name is Ruby and my bells make noise so the other creatures can hear me. I am so fast and so small, that no one ever notices me". Hinkle replied, "Well, I noticed you and you are the prettiest creature that I have ever seen." Ruby suddenly became still in mid-air and said, "May I help you get across this meadow today, my kind friend? I've noticed that it takes you quite some time to make this trek and I have been given a gift of speedy flight. You are a kind heart and your gift is seeing the beauty from within." Hinkle climbed onto to little Ruby's back and together they soared through the meadow. As they were flying over a glorious patch of pink flowers, Hinkle noticed a glowing light that was traveling beside them. He suddenly realized that all true gifts are from above and that the Giver is the most precious gift of ALL.

This original was created using watercolor on Arches hot press paper. It measures 5x7 and is a
vailable here


Anonymous said...

i love the stories you tell along with your art. It makes it more enjoyable for me, at least. :)

Rachel C Miller said...

I met you at the show in westmoreland, I like your art work it seems to bring the past and present together.

Beth Hansen-Buth said...

He's just lovely James!

Maggie Ann said...

How wonderful your talents are...and how good to hear of your faith.

Chamaeleon said...

i love your hidden crosses, theyre subtle and tasteful :).