Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Another day of painting today, a few thunderstorms, but all in all a peaceful day. I love to paint when it rains. The raindrops pitty pattering on the studio roof is music to my ear and an inspiration to the child within me. I think of things when I paint, but when the rain falls it puts me into even deeper thought. I'm thankful for the memories in my life and I'm thankful that God gave ua a memory to remember them. Today, I was thinking of Lady Darby, our wonderful Bassett Hound, as she is getting older, the thought has crossed our mind wether she will need a little red wagon. Here is my painting for today, it is called "A Helping Hand" and it is available here

Gilbert, the Gnome, is often seen lending a helping hand to the forest folk. Prickles, the little hedgehog, is no exception. Little Prickles had stubbed his toe weeks ago, but not realizing that his toe was all healed up, Gilbert pulled him along anyway in his little red wagon. Little Prickles didn't seem to mind at all.


JESS*LO said...

Hello :o)

I'm here trough the newsletter I've received from your website, a place I really enjoy visiting sometimes when I'm collecting inspiration.
Just wanted to say "hi" & good magical work.
Thanks for sharing in! :o)

Anonymous said...

that's really wonderful. i love reading your insights while looking at your art. keep it up.

Maggie Ann said...

Do you publish your drawings and stories in a children's book format? Because they are so special...and they make me think of the charm of the Raggedy Ann stories.

winipoo jewelry said...

I love this one. I see it is sold. WIll you be having prints made of it? I'd love a 5X7 :-)