Thursday, June 7, 2007

Inspired by Grace.

"It was beyond the moon in which she seeked her heart's desire, it was He who filled her heart with His Love."

I was inspired by God's Love today and I was in a special place when I was painting this image. I thought about how much God's Love has changed my heart. It was from the heart that I painted it. Many blessings to you all this day. ~James

"Beyond the Moon", (today's painting a day). The original is availabe here


Ulcron3 said...

I really like this one James.

I have a small collection of Originals. If I had some free cash, I'd probably buy this one.
I look forward to comong back often.

Meredith said...

Wow I wish I could get a painting a day done :)

Good luck James!

Anonymous said...

i always love how you associate your fantasy art with God in some way. It's really beautiful because most people I know who are into both of those things individually aren't into both of them combined (and I am and know when to draw the line, etc. . ). that's gorgeous.

yaamas said...

Thank you Ron. I'm so happy that you like it. And thank you for stopping by.

Thank you Mere!!!

Thank you Electroblood, God has certainly changed my life. I see with new eyes, and there is a line not just with art but in all that we do. I feel that I have a responsibility to show God in my life, in my work. To be what He wants me to be, not what my old self wants to be, that is the biggest struggle. But I know for sure that when I do surrender to Him, He increases and that brings joy to my heart.