Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Little Butterfly

Hello Everyone! I hope this day is finding you well and that the sun is shining in your life. I thought I would share another illustration I did for the Lullaby book that I am currently working on. It's such a sweet and magical book of poetry and song and it is full of the child's imagination. Goodness through and through. The author of this book is a wonderful person and a joy to work with. I think that this is going to be a very special book for those who read it. The illustration below is for the lullaby, "Little Butterfly". I've decided to also post a close up of the detail along with the original sketch. It's amazing how the pencil has a different feel verses the watercolor.

For the rest of this week I'll be back to work on the spot illustrations for "Rootfoot". I will share those in a future post. Be well, my friends.



Carolyn said...

I looked at this scene for a long time and I noticed how the colour gave it depth. The row of trees, the golden field and hedgerows go far beyond and then how the branches in the foreground frame the picture. I like how the kindly faces of the trees are almost invisible unless you look really closely. I love the detail - that's why your art is magic ^_^

yaamas said...

Carolyn, your words are truly sweet and an inspiration to read. Thank you for taking the time to leave such beautiful comments.It means a lot to me when people see such things in my paintings. All the best,


Sandi Smith said...

Butterflies are always a little magical and this drawing is awsome...can't wait to see the finished book.
Warmest Hugs,
Sandi @ Ess D'Ess Bears and Bearly Sane Studio

yaamas said...

Thank you, Sandi. Your words are always so kind. Have a wonderful weekend.