Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Nadine at 7 months.

I had another wonderful day today in the studio. I will certainly be posting more art in the next few days but in the meantime here is a picture that I took yesterday of my lovely Nadine at 7 months. I am looking so forward to the arrival of Baby Brownie but I just love soaking in all the beauty that I see in my wife being with child. She has such a glow about her and I still get goosebumps when I'm with her.

I hope you are all doing well.



Charli Armstrong said...

She is positively radiant! God bless you both! I'm so happy for you!

dreamkeeperfae said...

She does glow..... lot's of happiness and love yet to come.

hugs, Andrea

poldies blog said...

Hello again !
Ao great to hear and to see this. Enjoy the time an many greetings from us 4 !
Please let here from you !

Hugs, Nadine

Bearly Sane said...

Hi James,
Beautiful photo of Nadine. It's wonderful that you can share your love as openly as you do and it shows in your recent work too!
The last two pieces posted are exquisite.

yaamas said...

Hello Charli, Andrea, Nadine & Sandi,

Thank you for your kind words. Both Nadine and I are looking so forward for this little gift to arrive. We feel truly blessed. We can't stop smiling every time we look at one another.

God Bless you guys!

James & Nadine

Ana Cristina Bachiega de Castro said...

James Browne, I still don't understand how can exist somebody so special and enlighted like you. I love you and your wife and your work, and everything related to you. Since I discovered you through a friend called DesireƩ Sommers, here in Brazil, I got so amazed! I wonder how can you make such wonderful paintings. The inspiration comes from...where???
Congrats about the baby! God bless you all including the fairies, the forest, and everything around you!
Ana Cristina Castro - Brazil.

Sue said...

Hi James & Nadine!! This is Sue from Gotwals just wondering about Nadine and the baby. I worried about you and all this snow but it's a relief knowing you are so close to the hospital. LOVED the picture of you!! I hope you will post when the blessed event happens!!! Take care, miss you Nadine!