Monday, November 9, 2009


"There was a special strength in the woman's heart as she reflected upon her late husband. Love boundless beyond this world she thought as she penned a love letter from the heart."...~JB

I've had this image in mind for some time now and I finally saw it clearly enough to illustrate it. It's about losing your soul mate and the heart aching moments and memories that come with it. The longing to be one again. I believe that true love never dies it just changes as do the seasons and sometimes it ends physically but it's memories live on in our hearts. This painting is not meant to be hopeless, but rather the opposite, hopeful. There is a reason for love and it is why we were made.

This painting first started as a sketch on very light canson pastel paper using conte' blocks and sepia colored pencil but I really didn't like the texture so I decided to continue reworking it adding, watercolor, sepia ink and gesso. I was able to save it and it became a two day journey creating it. So I would call it a mixed media sepia painting on a very thin piece of paper. It measures 9x12 inches.


Anna said...

WAUW, this is really beautiful done!
I love it very much...the use of color, her dress, and her face is so full of love and kindness!
I am impressed!

Lavender said...

This is so pretty, I love your work!

John said...

James, I too see it as positive. I did not take it that her husband had passed. It could easily be interpreted as that he is simply away. Wonderful work.

Charli Armstrong said...

So beautiful...

yaamas said...

Hello Anna, Lavender, John & Charli,

Thank you so much for your very sweet words about my painting. I am happy that you liked it and it really means a lot that you were touched by it.

With inspiration,


mv said...
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mv said...

James, I have loved your work for years. This one is not only Exceptional,It Is Hopeful! You show how one continues on. Your thoughts are so true. It has been 10 years, and Love Never Dies! I am Totally Touched!

John said...

James, The Beekeeper is a superior piece of work. The details are so amazing!!!