Thursday, October 14, 2010

New ACEO Originals and Limited Editions

As many of you already know I have been spending a few hours each day creating original ACEOs and selling them on my Etsy Shoppe. People seem to like them and I've also had some requests for small limited editions of some of my more popular illustrations. So, I decided to honor their requests. I've just made available 12 new limited edition ACEOs on Etsy. Each edition size is only 20. They can be seen HERE


Also, I've created a bunch of new original sepia ACEOS, aka "Baby Brownies" and the can be found HERE. Below are some samples of the Baby Brownies that are now available.

That's all for now. ~James


Tammie said...

Your charming miniature dragon arrived in the mail today. It is wonderful, Thank you!

yaamas said...

I'm so happy that it arrived safely, Tammie and that you like him. Thank you very much!