Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Mooney Rooney and Winter Visit

I spent a few hours late last night creating two new sepia illustrations. The first one depicts a special visit from a friend in the cold of Winter. The little mouse decides to travel to his good friend the mole. I often paint themes of friendship and many times these paintings are Wintery. It's nice to hibernate every once in a while but it's extra special when you pay a friend a visit, especially when it's cold.

The second illustration is of Mooney Rooney, a friendly little chap who enjoys traveling by the Moon. Both original sepias are available at the Brownieman Shoppe on Etsy. They measure 5x7 inches and they retail for only $55 each. The Brownieman Shoppe can be found HERE


faerwillow said...

~so sweet are these and the tales behind them...spending time with friends near or far is always a heartwarming adventure! warm wishes and brightest blessings~

Froggy said...

Little mouse in his little house, its so adorable! I'm in love with your pictures! Great and amazing job!


Greetings from Ireland