Thursday, September 30, 2010

Snuggle Buggles

I just started a new series of original sepia ACEOs / Baby Brownies called "Snuggle Buggles". They are wonderful little creatures that need a home and of course, some love. Each original sepia is available at my new Etsy shop. They are not only great collectibles but they are also very affordable.

Well, it's raining buckets today, a perfect day for a cup of tea, time with our little munchkin and more Buggles.

Here are the first two Snuggle Buggles, available HERE


faerwillow said...

~just came back without a moment of hesitation...if ever there were animal i could have as my friend...well mister owl would be the one that i choose...i adore owls and you have created such a beautifully sweet piece of art here...i just couldn't resist!! and snuggle buggles...too funny...cause anytime my littles and i cuddle...we say snuggly buggly...anyhoo...thank you so for sharing these with us...beautiful each one that you create! warm wishes and brightest blessings to you and yours~

Beth Niquette said...

These are incredibly wonderful pieces. What a darling set of drawings! I'm a huge fan.

yaamas said...

Thank you Faerwillow! I'm so glad you like the little Buggle...I was working on an owl buggle this morning and I just posted it. We must both like owls.

Beth, you are so kind, thank you.


faerwillow said...

~OH MY GOSH...see when i first saw your second buggle i assumed it was your interpretation of an i have just gone over and seen mr. owl an i have a HUGE FAVOR TO ASK OF YOU...COULD I PLEASE SWITCH TO MR. OWL...i know its a hassle...but as i said i adore owls...either way i do understand and am honored to be able to have a piece of your art to put in my little room...wishing you well and blessings aplenty~