Thursday, September 9, 2010

Ruthie's Gift

While sitting in my booth at a show this past weekend, watching the people walk by, I decided to pull out my watercolors and create a painting. As do most of my paintings, it became something very personal to me and thus, "Ruthie's Gift" was born. It is a tale of neighborly love.

Simon, was a root dweller, who often would spend too much time alone sulking beneath his tree. He always choose to turn down visitors and would continually think deep within himself while watching other folk walk by his gnarly tree. Daily, as he would hide among the roots, he found that each day became sadder than the next and this habit of choosing the company of himself rather than others started to eat away at his lonely heart. For many days, he stopped looking out beyond his tree and as low as the roots sank into the ground, so was the state of his heart. Suddenly, in all his sadness he cried out, "Why, oh why, am I so alone!" and he fell fast asleep in his tears.

The next morning, Simon heard something stirring at the foot of his tree. When he arose to see what it was, he was greeted by a kind looking mouse who was wearing a blue bonnet and carrying a small pouch. Then the mouse spoke, "Hello, my name is Ruthie! I live in the tree next door and I have been living there all my life. I heard you cry out last night and I am here now, to be your friend. I decided to awaken early this morning to make you a special gift. It is a little pouch to place all your sad thoughts into, so that your heart will have more room for thoughts of Joy". At that very moment, Simon came out from beneath his tree and buried his head in the coat of his fury friend and with a joyful noise said, "Thank you, thank you, for rescuing me".

The Moral: It is far better to seek friendship rather than yourself. Love is meant to be shared and true Joy is a gift. It is, also, never too late to reach out a be a friend to those around you. ~JB


Carolyn said...

Lovely painting - I can relate to Simon, being a bit of a root dweller myself :)
Thank goodness for all the Ruthies in the world ^_^

Beth Niquette said...

Oooh, oh...oh! What an inspiration you are! My goodness--I found you via Beauty Flows. What beautiful work--what a fantastic imagination. What beautiful imagery.

This fills my eyes, which is the greatest compliment I can give.

Oh, my--this just takes my breath away.

yaamas said...

Carolyn, I know what you mean. Beth, I'm so glad that you were touched by this little story and illustration. Thank you for visiting.

Anonymous said...

I love the painting and the story. The name is perfect for it. My best friend is a Ruthie and she is the most compassionate creative person and just to see or talk to her takes away any sorrows and she is a joy to be around.


LOVED it ! thank you