Monday, March 23, 2009

The Selkie

There is a tale about a lovely seal that shed her skin as she came upon the shore. She transformed into a beautiful woman and became a delight to the eyes of fishermen in those parts. One day a man took her seal skin as she was bathing in the shallow waters and she soon became the wife of the lonely fisherman. She spent her days as a good and loyal companion to the man until one day she found her skin and she returned to the sea as seal once again.

For this was her destiny, to fill the heart of a lonely man with love and service until she was called back to the sea.

This original was created using watercolors on Arches 140lb cold press paper. It measures 5 1/2 x 9 1/2 inches.


amanuensis247 said...

I've seen many artists' interpretation of a selkie, but never have I see one as beautifully detailed, right down to the faint, but still visible sealskin imprint on her exposed arms & legs as she emerges from the sea. James, it is truly a masterpiece. The Selkie was one of my favorite stories told by my Irish grandmother. Thank you for visually bringing it to life.

Charli Armstrong said...


nollyposh said...

James i have just come across your blog and so excited i am to have... Your art is so after my heart, and so very, very beautiful sighhhh X:-)

Me said...

Just found your blog and I love your's amazing!!!

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Gr. Anna

mysticwynd said...

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Great Blog!

Yiann SC said...

Dear James,

I'm a student at the open college of the arts doing a BA (Hons) Photography Degree. I am writing my dissertation on Landscape Photography and Identity. I would like to request permission for usage of your image in this post, in Low-Res., in order to illustrate a key point within the subject of Landscape and Folklore, with the understanding that it is used purely for one-off personal, academic reasons and will not be published online or in any other way.

Kind regards,